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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

A guide to navigating your way around the covid conundrum

There has been a drastic change in our approach to healthcare in the past 4 months. Earlier if you had a stuffy nose, an itchy throat or a fever not subsiding with kitchen remedies, you would just drive down to your neighbourhood doctor or the nearest hospital and get a prescription and you would be as fit as a fiddle in a matter of days.

What used to be nothing more than a slight inconvenience before has turned into a nightmare in the last 4 months. First of all there is a fear that our symptoms of cough, cold or fever could turn out to be due to a COVID19 infection. There is also great anxiety and dilemma of visiting a doctor due to fear of inadvertent exposure to the virus. This along with continuous bombarding of negative information on social media and television has put everyone in a headspace of fear and oblivion.

There is a lot about the current pandemic situation that is truly out of our hands. But for many of us having a plan ready in case of a worst case scenario helps us feel in control and allay our anxieties.

This article is my humble attempt in trying to help you to have a step by step plan in case you or any of your loved ones are feeling unwell or test positive for COVID19.

What are the symptoms of COVID19?

What should I do if I have any of the above symptoms?

If you are having any of the above symptoms, wear a mask and isolate yourself from your close family especially the ones who are most vulnerable – pregnant women, children below age of 10yr , elderly above 65 yr and those with chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, cancer etc.

You should consult a nearby doctor. After reviewing your symptoms the doctor would most likely ask you to visit a nearby “fever clinic” or government approved swab collection center for getting a test.

Remember to ask your doctor about home collection of sample for covid test.

Can I get a COVID test without any symptoms?

Currently due to shortage of covid test kits and fear of misuse, the government has made it a requirement to have the prescription of a registered medical practitioner for getting a test.

Only pregnant women >34weeks, individuals admitted for surgical procedures and high risk primary contacts of proven positive cases are allowed to get tested without any symptoms.

Where can I get tested?

Click here for a list of fever clinics in Karnataka

Click Here for a list of approved swab collection centers in India

It would be a good idea to get a list of fever clinics in your city beforehand and keep it handy.

What is the next course of action if I get a positive report?

Click here for the complete list of quarantine centers and designated hospitals list in Karnataka

Hope this article has helped you understand the steps to follow in case you feel unwell or test positive for COVID19

Stay safe, be prepared and stay positive!

Resources and further reading:

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3 comentarios

Thank you very much for sharing this information in a simplified way.. it's easy to understand the complete process and also helps to keep few details handy n not panic.. best wishes..

Me gusta

Very useful information in one place. Flow chart is very clear. Thanks for this article. Keep up your good work.

Me gusta

Thank you doctor it is very informative and clear to unserstand. It will be useful for all who are in need.

Me gusta
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